Frequenty asked questions

What is the purpose of this app?

To bring back the notion that there is someone in the world looking for you as you are looking for them. Quite simply the purpose is to make a friend you wouldn't have otherwise made.

What is a Rendezwho?

A Rendezwho is both a verb and a noun. It is when you finally meet your match, and also what we call your match. We figure if we're going to make up a word, we might as well make it multi-purpose.

Is this a game?

That is a way of looking at it but it is better to think of it as an adventure. It is in that you're getting to know someone in a different way, yet the person on the other end, while a stranger, is very much real.

Why do I have to wait 24 hours to get matched?

We want you to be matched with anyone that signed up that day, in any timezone.

If I match with someone and find them, do I get to be matched with someone else?

No, you are only matched once in your lifetime. You either find this person or you don't.

Is this safe? What if I get a creep?

While we are all for throwing caution to the wind, your precise location is completely hidden until you are close enough to each other, then you can choose a public place to meet, you can bring friends, or your grandmother. We bring our grandmas everywhere we go.. for safety.

What if I don't have the time right now to find this person?

We understand people get busy. You have your whole life to find your match. We only require you answer 1 question every 5 days to stay engaged.

Why do I have to answer a question once every 5 days?

It shows you are still active on the app. It would be unfair to your match if they were actively trying to get to know you and you were MIA.

What if I don't answer a question every 5 days?

You are permanently removed from the app.

Will I be banned if I don't answer the question of the day after I meet my match?

After you meet your match, the questions of the day are more fun conversations starters, but not required.

Am I going to be matched with someone of the opposite sex?

You can be matched with anyone. It's completely random.

How often are users locations updated?

Your location is updated when you first open the app and everytime it changes significantly.

Is this app like a modern day pen pal?

Yes. Or like a metal detector -- using humans instead of metal.

Is Rendezwho available for android?

We are currently iOS only.

Can I delete the To/From playlists that Rendezwho makes?

Sorry! You cannot. Once you delete it- it is gone forever, and you cannot recreate it to share music. Kind of like the ring, forever lost in Mt. Doom.